Trick # 4
Cut & Restored String
A string or rope is cut into two pieces, and then magicallytricks02a
restored into one piece
1.) One piece if heavy string or rope.picture
2.) A piece of writing paper
3.) A pair of good scissors.

The Cut-and-Restored rope effect is a classic of magic.
Pre-fold a piece of paper before the show so

it looks like the paper in Figure 1. When
it’s time to present the trick, pull out the
tricks02bpaper and lay the string in it as shown.

Fold the top of the paper (section A) down, then
fold the bottom of the paper (Section C) up. Nowtricks02c
for the secret move.

When you fold section C up over section A use your thumb to catch the string as demonstrated in Figure 2
When you Pre-fold the paper before the show be certain that
section A is not so long that it will cover the

by you.tricks02d

Cut through the paper, as shown in Figure 4. Cut completely through the
paper, dividing it and, presumably, the rope in half, In reality, only the paper is cut in half, the rope is still intact.

Crumple up the paper, and pull the rope out slowly.
It is restored into one complete piece ! The paper may
be examined, and it will be seen to have cleanly cut into
to half


Trick #5
Coin Through Elbow

A coin mysteriously vanishes into thin air

REQUIREMENTS: 1.) One coin.tricks03
2.) A table to sit at.
3.) A chair to sit in.

Magic with money is always of interest,
and coin magic has the advantage of being
done with something that can be carried, or
borrowed on the spot !
Display the coin in your hand, and then
rub it into your elbow, announcing you are
going to make it disappear ! After a few moments drop the coin onto the table and say it
usually works better with the other hand.
Pick the coin up and pretend to put it into the other hand. Then, pretend to rub
“the coin” into your elbow, while the hand that is really holding the coin goes up
behind your ear. Drop the coin into the back of your shirt collar, and then show that

the coin has vanished, and both hands are absolutely empty !


Make a knot disappear from a rope or handkerchief, even a borrowed one !

REQUIREMENT: One handkerchief or woman’s scarf. A soft rope can also be used.

tricks05aHere’s another classic effect ! To perform this trick you must twirl
a handkerchief into a ropelike shape, and then hold it between the
index and middle fingers of each hand, palms up, as shown in Figure 1tricks05b

Take the end in your right hand (if you are
right handed) and lay it between the thumb and
tricks05cforefinger of the left hand, as in figure 2.

In Figure 2 you are still holding onto part of
the handkerchief with your right hand. Use your
right hand to position that part of the
handkerchief between the second and third fingers
of the left hand, as you reach through the loop
with your right hand and grasp the closest
dangling end (Figure 3).

tricks05dPull that end through the loop, being certain
to keep your grip on the part of the handkerchief
between the left second and third finger (Figure
4). As you pull the end through with your right
hand, you will notice a loop forms around your
left middle finger.tricks05e
Withdraw your finger, leaving the loop hidden behind the knot, and
display hanging knot as in Figure 5

Now, blow on the knot while giving it a gentle
shake, or while pulling lightly on the free end
with the other hand, and the knot will disappear
into thin air !