The Unbreakable Match

A Wooden match or toothpick is wrapped in a handkerchief
and broken by a volunteer. At your command it is restored into one piece.
REQUIREMENTS: One Handkerchief with a hem, Two wooden matches or toothpicks.

Conceal a toothpick in the hem
of a handkerchief.
Display the handkerchief, andtricks07
several other toothpicks you have
a volunteer point to one of the
toothpicks. Pick up the toothpick
they chose, place it in the center
of the handkerchief, and
roll the handkerchief up with the chosen toothpick in its center.
While you do this, take hold of the
toothpick concealed in the hem of the handkerchief, and hand this to the volunteer.

Have him confirm that he can feel the toothpick through the handkerchief, and even invite him to break it in half !
When he does this the handkerchief back and break the hidden toothpick again !
Everyone will think the toothpick that’s been broken is the same one they saw you roll up in

the handkerchief a few moments earlier. Now, slowly unroll the handkerchief and show the toothpick, still in its center, and completely unharmed.


Trick # 8
Challenge Knot Tie
Challenge your friends to tie a knot in a piece of
rope without letting go of the ends. None of them
will be able to do it, but you will !


This is an easy one , but it will baffle people who don’t know
how to do it. Hold the rope as in Figure 1, and give your
friends a chance to try to tie a knot in the rope
without at any time letting go of either end. When they give up,
take back the rope and lay it down on a table.
Now for the secret move: Cross your arms before you pick up the rope!
Pick it up one end at a time to make it easier to grasp.
When you uncross your arms, a knot will appear in
the middle of the rope, without your at any time releasing
either end !


Trick 9
The Mysterious Coin Balance
You can balance a coin a your fingertips, but no one else can!

REQUIREMENTS : One large coin, one straight pin

Here’s a great trick to demonstrate your
mastery of mind over matter!
Have a regular straight pin concealed in one
hand, between the first two fingers. With thetricks08
other hand, pull a coin out of your pocket and
allow it to be examined by the audience, or
borrow a coin from one of them !
When you get the coin back, lay it down on
top of the straight pin in your other hand.
Now, raise the coin to a standing position near
the ends of your fingers, and as you do raise
the straight pin with it, making sure no one but
you knows the pin is there.
Keep pressure on the pin held between your two fingers, and the coin will balance
there as if held unseen forces ! You can talk about mind over matter, or wiggle the fingers of your other hand over the coin as if that was where your power
emanated from !
After a few moments, slowly release pressure on the pin, and it should let the coin gently drift back down onto your fingers ! Don’t forget to get rid of the
pin while people are examining the coin again !