Trick # 10

The Hypnotized Handkerchief

Hypnotize a handkerchief to move at your command !

REQUIREMENTS : One handkerchief with a hem, one drinking straw

trick09aIn order to perform this effect you will need
to take a drinking straw and flatten it out, This
is easier with the old fashioned paper straws,
but a plastic straw will do, Be careful not
to mangle the straw as you flatten it.
Next sew the straw into the hem of a handkerchief as
shown in Figure 1. Make certain the straw is secured in
place so it won’t slip down in the hem.

When ready to perform the
trick, grasp the
indicated with a “A” in the Figure
trick09b1. Tie a knot in that corner and
let the handkerchief hang down
from the knot. Announce you are going to “hypnotize” the trick09chandkerchief. With your other

hand take the middle of the handkerchief where corner “B” is as in Figure 2, and drop the knot. Gesture with your free hand as if
“hypnotizing the handkerchief. By moving your thumb on the straw, you can cause the handkerchief to slowly rise until it seems balanced on your finger (Figure 3), and then gently drop back down!


TRICK # 11
Afghan Bands
Also known as “The Perplexing Mystery Of The Moebius
Bands”, this is a self-working trick that seems to defy logic !
A loop is cut in half lengthwise, but instead of two loops,
you have one long loop ! You try again, but now instead oftricks10a
Even you will be amazed when it happens !

REQUIREMENTS : A strip of newspaper or cloth cut about 4″ wide by 3′ long. Cut
it so the grains runs with the length of the strip. Paste or glue.

again. I literally has only one side, or edge.tricks10bMoebius strips are a mathematical oddity that can be used in magic to
produce unbelievable result’s. Basically, a moebius strip is a loop which has
been cut at one point, given a half twist, and reconnected. It now has only
one side and one edge. I know that sounds weird, but try making a simple
Moebius strip out of a 2″ wide strip of newspaper, and run your finger
around the edge, it will first go around the outside of the loop, then when
it f=reaches the twist it will go all the way around the inside of the loop, and
when it reaches the twist again, it will go all the way around the outside

tricks10cTo prepare the trick: Take your
strip of cloth or paper (if you use cloth
make sure it is easily tear able). At onetricks10d
end cut a slit about 3″ long down the
middle of the band. At the other end
cut another slit along the middle about
1 inch long (Figure 1 ).

Bring the ends of the cloth or paper
together to make a loop. But, before
you connect the ends with glue, give
one of the 3 inch slits a half twist
(Figure 2).and the other 3 inch slit atricks10e
full twist (Figure 3). Then glue the
ends together as in Figure 3.

To perform the trick : Take the prepared loop and
tear it down the middle into two loops (Figure 4). You
will now have one loop with a half twist in it, and one
loop with a full twist.

tricks10fNow, for the really weird part. When you take the
loop with the full twist in it and tear it down the
middle, everyone expects you to feet another two
complete loops, AND YOU DO… ONLY THEY’RE
LINKED TOGETHER as in Figure 5 !
And, when you take the loop with the half twist and
tear that loop down the middle, instead of two separatetricks10g
loops or two connected loops, YOU JUST GET ONE
BIG LOOP ! (Figure 6)

Try it and see !
NOTE : It is important when you cut or tear the bands that you stay in
the center all throughout the cut. Start the tear at one end, or place the
scissors in, and then carefully cut in a straight line, staying in the center
of the band and working your way around the center of the entire band
until you reach the point where you began


Trick 12
Magic Question-Answering Pendulum
The pendulum answers questions “Yes” or “No” by how
it swings, even when held by a volunteer !

REQUIREMENTS: A pendulum, which is practically any kind of
weight suspended from any kind of string . If you have a crystal
hanging on a silver chain, this will do perfectly. You can also
use any kind of bead, or fishing weight, or even a hardware washer
and tie whatever kind of weight you come up to the end of a string.
It’s a pendulum !

trick11aHold the pendulum yourself, or
have someone else hold it. Have
whomever is holding the pendulum
ask a question, and without their
doing anything, the pendulum will
being to swing ! It will swing in a straight line for “Yes” (Figure 1) ,
and in a circle for “No” (Figure 2).
Even if you challenge the persontrick11b
to hold the pendulum still, no matter
how hard they try to keep it steady it
will continue to answer ever
question !

This is practically real magic! The pendulum historically has in fact been used as a
divining tool, and nobody is really able to explain exactly how it works. Most
is the subconscious effect of the thoughts of the person holding the pendulum’s string
that influences the way it swings. Or not ….