You can make sugar burn but no one else can.

REQUIREMENTS: Several lumps of sugar, some cigarette

ashes, matches or lighter.

trick12In this age granulated sugar substitutes and which the fortunate decline in the popularity of smoke both lump sugar and cigarette ashes are becoming less common items. Not that this won’t work with granulated sugar but it is more impressive with lump sugar. If you have access to both items you can perform a scientific magic trick that has become nether short of a classic. Normally, if you try to light sugar with a flame it may bubble and melt, but it won’t actually catch fire, unless you know how. Challenge the member if your audience to light a cube of sugar and pass out several cubes of sugar to them while they are attempting to get one of the sugar cubes to light secretly get some cigarette ashes on your finger tips try to get as much as you can. Have the audience member select a sugar cube and as you pick it up transfer the ashes to the sugar cube. Now hold the flame to the portion of the cube with the ashes on it and it will light easily.





Here is a great card trick that has the advantage of being self working !

REQUIREMENTS: 21 Random cards from any deck.

To perform the trick: Take 21 cards andfan

deal them out into three columns by dealing seven rows of three. Deal three cards across for the first row then another card on top of each for the next row and so on until you have seven rows of cards in three columns for a total of 21 cards behind it. Now have someone think of any card in one of the columns, and then tell you which column the card is in. Pick up one of the other columns then the column he chooses and then the column so that the columns with the chosen card is between the other two. Deal them out again the same as before and have your volunteer tell you which the card is now in. Again pick up the cards so that the column he pointed to is between the other two columns. You have now done this three times and it’s to find his card. Hold the cards face down in your hand as if you were going to deal them out again but instead ask your volunteer if he has ever heard the MAGIC WORDS ABRACADABRA say that not many people know it but ABRACADABRA is a magic word for finding things and that you’ll show him what you mean spell the word ABRACADABRA and for each letter deal one of the cards face down on the table. When too reach the last “A” pause and then turn over that card it will be the chosen one. as long as you spell ABRACADABRA right this trick will work every time.




A common table knife magnetically clings to your hands !

REQUIREMENTS: One table knife a magician should be able to perform magic anywhere he goes.

tricks14aThis one is good for the dinner table

Interweave your fingers as in (figure 1) but don’t pick up the knife yet. When you interweave your fingers of one hand (figure 2). If tricks14byou arrange your fingers right. No one will be able to tell one finger is loose when looking at your hands from the other side! Now Pick up a knife from the table be secretly placing it behind the fingers as shown but hold your thumbs as though they were keeping the knife in place slowly with a looks of great concentration release your grip on the knife with your thumbs. It will seem as if the knife is magnetically attached to your palms. After a few moments drop the knife and allow the knife and your hand to be examined.